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    The match between the management competence, experience dental clinic and production capacity are the basis for technology development in full compliance with the scientific know-how and well-being of the patient. These elements lead to the design and production of dental laser devices, medical and aesthetic (cosmetic), where research and development are the basic and coordinated goals over time, which enable DMT to be recognized and appreciated in Italy and Europe. Each laser system DMT grows from an endless innovation research suiting and advance present and future needs of the operator and the end user. The presence nationwide is consolidated by an area managers' network, in support of local distributors. The company operates in many countries of the European community, and in some countries outside the EC through exclusive distributors.


    An idea becomes reality when human resources are integrated with each other and establish rigorously the goals to be achieved, no project is addressed to chase, but developed to establish itself. The devices are subjected to strict technical and clinics analysis with the aim of evaluating the practice and clinical adequacy. Each laser is designed and manufactured in full compliance with the regulations and it's confirm to requirements for medical devices in the field of design, production and marketing


    When the choice becomes clinical, applicatication and commercial, nothing is left to chance. DMT provides physicians with clinical/practice experience and professional team with over twenty years of experience that can provide right choices and overcome doubts and misgivings together. The laser is a tool that becomes a source of valuable clinical advantages, an irreplaceable partner of daily practice. To keep it in perfect working order, making the most of the potential, the company offers a range of services. From clinical referent, through product specialists and coming up for service, all are dedicated to making possible use thoroughly the appliance purchased. .


    Through targeted courses and product specialists, we will take you to profit by full potential of the equipment chosen, and our highly evolved machines will guide you through interactive video applications daily.