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Post graduate 2019.

He resumes the corporate training activity and restarts the Post graduate of Laser in dentistry with the by now tested collaboration between DMT and the Department of Dentistry of the San Raffaele Hospital and with the Vita Salute University.
As in every edition, more than 30 teachers will alternate to give operational guidelines for laser-assisted dentistry.
In the meantime, everything is already ready For the 12th edition of the Laser Day Meeting, the annual reference congress for laser assisted dentistry, which this year will take place in conjunction with the celebration of DMT's twentieth anniversary.

settembre 2019

2019 budget law

With the approval of the 2019 Budget Law, the tax advantages of super-depreciation which allowed for the deduction of 130% of the expenses on the purchase of equipment used in their own business, even for freelancers, were no longer renewed.
Among the benefits that have survived, that of hyper-amortization extended also for 2019 with an increase in the bonus that goes from 250% to 270% usable, however, only for those equipment "functional to the technological and digital transformation of companies according to the Industry 4.0 model "in accordance with a circular of the MISE. In the dental sector the facilitation can be applied to a series of equipment related to new technologies, the manufacturer will provide a declaration with which evidence that falls within those provided for by the MISE.

ottobre 2019

After a sparkling 2018, we are ready for a 2019 full of events, here are the
events already scheduled

A 2018 has just ended, which has seen many technological innovations such as the realization and the consecration of the new Nd: YAG nano seconds laser, confirming the excellent work done, there have been important increases.

Now, in order, to giving visibility to this new technology, DMT already offers a rich activity for the first semester, with at least 3 unmissable appointments.

• The course on peri-implantitis with the new Nanoyag laser with teacher Daniele Cardaropoli.
• The laser periodontics course VS. traditional of Dr. Crippa with Dr. De Micheli
• The fourth edition of the Post Graduate laser of Dentistry at the Vita Salute University of Milan.

A series of events that will culminate with the participation in the 7th World Congress of the WFLD (World Laser Federation of laser in dentistry) for the first time in Italy
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January 2019

Telenord at the 11th Laser Day Meeting

Also this year the great turnout of the public was confirmed at the 11th edition of the laser day, the event that now does not go unnoticed, has attracted the media attention of the new Telenord Health channel.
All the teachers expressed their satisfaction and communion of purpose in spreading the scientificity of the laser topics in dentistry.
Teacher interviews are available on our  youtube  channel.  

December 2018

11° Meeting Laser Day

As now in its ten-year tradition in mid-November, the reference congress for laser assisted dentistry called "Meeting Laser Day" will be held at the Stomatological Institute of Milan.
Does not change the formula that provides for a limited number of people enroll in the pre-conference day, participating in a practical course of absolute value with the ability to use different lasers with different wavelengths, under the tutoring of some teachers of the congress, to be able to experiment with applications by participating in interactive round tables. On the occasion of the eleventh edition, new teachers were invited who in recent years have developed new protocols of use from the periodontal and perimplantal point of view.
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september 2018

10 Minutes of Interview with DMT CEO

Waiting for the twenty-year activity of DMT for 2019, 10 minutes with Mr. Diego Merati: ideas, projects, state of the art and scientific and university collaborations of the company in the field of Laser in dentistry and new developments in various medical disciplines
Video ( Italian Audio )

july 2018

DMT training plan for 2018

Like every year during Meeting Laser Day, we begin to promote the training activities for 2018, as well as to provide several monotematic courses with the various teachers in the centers throughout Italy, this year the training plan starts with 3 events of interest in partnership with prestigious university sites.
From April 2018 will start the 3rd post graduate on dental laser at the Department of Dentistry of Vita Salute University directed by Prof. Gherlone, who will coordinate Dr. Francesca Cattoni, head of Department's Laser Group of Dentistry. In addition to providing a university degree, you will have the opportunity to meet annual training ECM credits (50).
Also with the department of Surgical Sciences and Diagnostics of the University of Genoa, directed by Prof. Stefano Benedicenti, will be organized a cultural week in Aosta, with the possibility to spend a week with a well prepared lecturer and at the same time to spend a pleasant white week , this event also complies with the 50 annual training credits required.

Last but not least, as traditionally, in collaboration with New York University and Santé Dental Clinic, a three-day monotematical laser-based training course will be organized in Lugano with practical tests that will run 20 ECM credits.
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november 2017

Everything is ready for the tenth edition of the Laser Day Meeting

As the ten-year tradition on 16 and 17 November 2017 will be held at the Institute of Dentistry in Milan, the tenth edition of the "Laser Day Meeting"
On the occasion of the tenth edition, they were invited to speak to all the teachers who took part in the past editions, which led to a rich program with 17 teachers who will alternate in scientific relations.
As every one has, it will be possible for a limited number of people to enroll even on the pre-conference day by attending a practical course of absolute worth with the possibility of using different lasers with different wavelengths and under the tutoring of some congressional teachers experiment with applications by participating in interactive roundtables.

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october 2017

Everything about Periodontal Health
The World Oral Health Forum of the FDI 2017 Congress

On 29/30 August 2017, the world forum on periodontal health in the world was held in Madrid.
The most serious aspect of the disease is that it is still scarcely known and therefore prevention is just as uncommon. In Italy, for example, less than 11% of citizens know that it is not a gum problem and only 2.5% know it is a bacterial infection.
If many people know at least the symptoms, among which the most obvious is gingival bleeding and bleeding, periodontitis could be countered easily and without paying big taxes, both biological and economic.
Periodontitis was the sixth most common pathological condition in the world, affecting approximately 743 million people. Between 1990 and 2010, the overall prevalence of severe periodontitis, standardized by age, was 11.2%. The increase in incidence is strongly linked to age progression and shows a peak between the third and fourth decades of life as a result of a previous incidence rate of around 38 years of age.
DMT with a small brochure helps you spot the situation ( see attachment)

september 2017

This month in the Infodent magazine, as well as a useful comparison of laser technologies, a survey was also published that attesting that laser purchase is suggested in 60% of cases by increasing demand for periodontal treatments.

Of the 280 respondents, 60 percent of them said that laser purchasing has allowed a high quality standard, and still 60% believe that laser assisted periodontal treatment has become the first choice. ( see Attachment)
From another survey, it has now been found that 20% / 25% of dentists have a laser, sealed to ensure a high performance quality for the patient.

july 2017

New projections of the laser dental market indicate a steady
increase in the number of users and a new laser assisted dentistry

The market for dental lasers has been projected to grow at a rapid pace during the forecast period because of various factors like increasing edentulous population, high demand for oral care, developments in cosmetic dentistry, the rise in medical tourism, and advances in technology. With the rise in the disposable income of people living in countries like the US, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, and Japan, more people have started opting for expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental lasers. This will increase demand for new products and technologies, which, in turn, will lead to an increase in dental procedural volume in the market.
The rise in oral disease has propelled the demand for dental and oral care. Prevalence of periodontal disease such as bleeding in gums is prevalent among adults and pediatric population. According to the CDC, around 47% of adults in the age group of 30 years and above have some form of periodontal disease and nearly 30% of individuals aged 65-75 years are devoid of natural teeth. Other percentages in the report show a significant portion of the global population is affected by different types of oral diseases ( )

june 2017

On the occasion of the 24th Board of Dentistry Professors,
DMT launches the new laser at double wavelength EGG laser diodes.

The recent Congress of the College of Dentistry also in its 2017 edition has been rich in contents regarding political, academic and research aspects, with the clear intention of addressing the profession in particular. At the San Raffaele Congress Center in Milan, the scientific event has been appreciated by professionals, teachers, university researchers and students.
Within the three congressional days, which in fact became international, a symposium on implant prosthesis and periodontology was organized with the most important European academics and clinicians for an interesting and topical comparison.
During the congress, the usual DMT workshop , was held, where with the consecration of Prof. Enrico Gherlone,was the baptism of the new laser EGG laser diode , realized through the collaboration of DMT and the Laser Group of the Department of Dentistry of the ' San Raffaele Hospital.

april 2017

IAt the IDS Dental Show, DMT introduce
2 new lasers to complete the dental line.

Every two years the inevitable appointment with IDS, the international fair and the world's number one in the dental industry. The 37th International Dental Show - IDS ended March 25, 2017, recording record numbers. About 155,000 sector operators from 157 countries visited the event, 12% more than previous editions.
The number of exhibitors has also increased dramatically: over 163,000 m² of space exposed 2,305 companies from 59 countries, presenting the latest news on dental products and services in the world.
The Italian presence has reached a historic primacy with 232 companies. Once again, Made in Italy is a guarantee of innovative quality and avant-garde.
DMT as a laser leaser of made in Italy has presented the new laser to  Erbio Caravaggio . And has introduced the revolutionary Nd:YAG NanoYag laser with nanosecond impulses.

March 2017