Trilly is a hydrogen peroxide enriched to 38% of red dyes and molecular components that activate special fast exchange oxygen ions during the laser irradiation. The peculiarity of such molecular components that make Trilly is active immediately 1 minute after the laser exposure.


Thanks to their molecular composition, Trilly is particularly fast, is possible, with assisted laser treatment, make only with one application of product and 40 seconds of irradiation for a tooth (10 min. entire mouth), you can reach the optimum level of whitening. (From 3 to 9 scale tones Vita).


The chemistry of Trilly it still allows a use to non- laser users Trilly is also functional with common bleaching lamps on the market are achieved excellent results with 2 applications of product. Not last Trilly can also be used without any light source leaving it for 30/40 minutes on teeth.


The high effectiveness of Trilly also allows a great saving to the user, In fact, with 6 syringes of product packaging can be treated with great effectiveness at least 12 patients (min 12 - max 18).